Yes, for just R3000 you can have a fully-fledged web site that will cater for just about all the needs of a small to medium sized business.
Company profiles, Gallery pages, Data Collection Forms and pretty-much evreything your friends have on their web sites at half the price they paid!

Howcome? Well, times are tough. Only the best and the most competitive survive, and I am as good and as competitive as anybody out there, I have been do this job in one way or the other for 30 years.

Static or Dynamic
A dynamic web site is one that "communicates" with external sources, most commonly a database that holds, you guessed it, DATA. Web sites can use a database for a huge number of things, collecting and storing information from web site visitors, providing a searchable library of past and current information, press releases and shopping carts, to name a few.

A static web site is a much simpler process. A web site designer simply places each bit of information on each page, and nothing changes unless the web site designer makes the changes physically. A static web site would suit the requirements of MOST small to medium sized businesses depending, of course, on the nature of that business.
A static web site can be thought of as an "electronic brochure", and most require only occasional updates, for things like change of addresses and contact details.

I create static web sites for the cost of R3000. Very occasionally a customer would have unusual requests which might increase the price, but R3000 will get you a web site that says everything you would like to say about yourself or your company. The amount of information you would like to present to the public is not limited to the number of pages, or images, the more the better.

Dynamic web sites will cost anything from R5000 upwards depending on requirements. Dynamic web sites can become VERY complicated and complex, but they can be VERY powerful selling tools and a number of my customers make good sales through their web sites.

A web site is not a "stand alone" item. Just having a web site is not magically going to make you lots of money, or your company world famous.
A web site needs to work in conjunction with other marketing strategies, advertising and promotions, and only then will a benefit be noticed.
  • Web site design, hosting and training.
  • Production of promotional material, logos, brochures, Power Point presentations, annual reports.
  • Old-fashioned illustration, air-brush on flat canvas/board or for motorcycles, helmets etc.
    Pen and Ink illustrations, watercolour.

My special ingredient is The Human Touch. When you phone me, I answer. No crappy electronic switchboards that ask you to press 1 for Accounts, 2 for Technical queries, and 17#*//(?) for Complaints. Just me!
When you email me, I respond. Not some kid at a help desk in another time zone.

These are Hi-Tech times, instant banking by mobile phone, automatic teller machines at supermarkets, even our food is now processed "untouched by human hands".

In one of the most hi-tech environments of all, the internet, it is easy to become completely separated from other human beings. One can now build one's own web site, online, without having to be a web site designer, free!!
But, suprising as it may sound, this does not suit everybody. Oh, everybody likes the "free" bit, but when it comes to creating a web site that truly reflects a companie's image and aspirations, cheap, online solutions just don't cut it.

Few web sites are stand-alone items. A web site is merely another tool used to promote a company and/or to diseminate information and should be used in conjunction with business cards, leaflets, point-of-sale items etc. If you are the sort of person who prints your own business cards on your office laser printer, then the cheap online web solutions are the right thing for you. . .

. . .but if you are the sort of business owner who prefers to let professionals do a professional job then I AM YOUR MAN!!